Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sign up for the Teen Advisory Board

Interested in helping your Library become even more awesome? Join the TAB. Fill out this form and I'll let you know when the next meeting is.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've gone survey crazy!

I've made some changes to this site with the hopes that it will become more collaborative. You may notice a new tab up at the top called "Submit a Review." That's right, I want YOU to tell me and other readers what you think about books, movies/tv, and games. Tell us about the ones you loved and the ones you hate (or love to hate). Your review will be published here and I'll link to it on our Facebook page as well. Do you have other suggestions for either this website, Facebook page, or the actual Teen Zone itself? Click the button to the right that invites you to fill out a survey about what we could do better or differently. Every opinion is valid and I promise to listen to whatever you suggest. And finally, I put up a poll. Right now it asks about what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is. Once we pass Thanksgiving and work our way into December (and creep up to Christmas Vacation!) I'll swap it out with a different question. Want to see a certain question appear as one of the polls? Then fill out the survey I mentioned above! The Library will be closed Thursday November 22 and Friday November 23. Be sure to come in before then to check out books and videos to get you through Thanksgiving!